Week beginning 17.5.21

We have been working hard making props and backdrops for our class show. If there is anything for your costume you can’t source, please let me know by Tuesday and I will ask around school to see what we can find 🙂

Have a lovely long weekend!

Miss Collyns 🙂

Photo’s from last week’s sports day:

Reflective Friday:


Week beginning 10.5.21

We have started thinking about costumes for our show – please get in touch if you are not sure what is needed or if you need help sourcing anything.

Homework is due on Monday – one task was to be completed from each box and uploaded to the ‘Homework’ file on Teams. The grid is also in the homework file if you need it.

We had a fabulous Sports Day (photos coming next week) as a class!

Miss Collyns


This week we practised using speech correctly in our writing. We wrote a short story with a conversation between two people. Our spelling rule was words that end in ible and able. We did Literature Circles. We also did some Coraline comprehension.

Here is Iggy’s guide to using speech marks:


We did some more work on algebra this week. We looked at word problems and we also did an algebra assessment. Some of us also worked on expanding brackets. We also did problem solving and a maths mystery.

Other Areas

We have started practising our P7 show!

We got put into teams and had to make something out of the loose parts. We had to use our teamwork, communication and co-operation skills.

In PE we did a capture the flag tournament and we did a daily mile and played football. We also had Sports Day at Waterboard Field.

We started a Health and Wellbeing topic about our bodies and our feelings.

Home Learning

Learn your lines


Homework grid

Reading homework


Week beginning 3.5.21

Parts for our show were given out today, the next challenge is to learn the lines! Learning Stories also came home today with the Term 3 Overview and Literacy and Numeracy targets for the term. Please have a look and return Learning Stories to school on Monday. Next week is Health Week, the children are welcome to wear sports clothes every day 🙂

Miss Collyns

Our spelling rule was words that end in ly, less or ful.

This week we wrote our own stories based on an image showing a scientist developing potions. We had to include correct punctuation, similes, metaphors and interesting vocabulary! 

This week we did literacy circles and got separated into groups depending on the book we chose. Everyone had to complete a task. (E.G: literacy luminary and summariser) and then we shared all our work. Here is a video of one group’s discussion:

In numeracy this week, we done some problem solving. We done a daily rigour which was about prime numbers, Italian, money and our 4 operations. We also did a maths mystery which worked on our four operations. We also played some games.

In other areas we did capture the flag in PE and we auditioned for our p7 show. We learnt all about Ramadan and we found out some interesting facts. We also did  another teamwork challenge by making a bridge with any material from the class room. We had to work together and communicate our ideas. The bridge had to be 30cm tall, hold a thesaurus and include at least 5 different materials. Only 2 groups succeeded!

Home Learning

Learn our P7 show lines

Complete some of the tasks from the homework grid

Play Sumdog or practise our times tables


P7H spelling week beginning 3.5.21

Our spelling rule this week looks at the suffixes ly, less and ful. We worked out that usually you can just add the suffix onto the end of the root word unless it ends in a y then it needs to be changed to an i (beauty becomes beautiful)


Week beginning 26.4.21

We read through the script for our class show today and will be having auditions on Wednesday for parts. If you weren’t here but would like to audition, I have attached a photo of one of the pages – you can choose to read one of the lines (even if that’s not the character you want to be, it will show me your acting skills).

We will be doing Literature Circles on Wednesday – please make sure you have completed week 2’s reading. Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Miss Collyns 🙂

In literacy this week we have wrote a story about an image of a graveyard. We were aiming to use as much description as possible. We have also read a chapter of Coralline and done comprehension on it. We learned a new spelling rule, homophones which is when 2 words sound the same but are spelled differently. We also learned how to make persuasive writing about what pet to purchase. We also did Literature Circles, here is one group’s discussion:

 In maths this week we were focusing on algebra. We did 1 step equations and 2 step equations. We also worked on creating equations with word problems and then we solved them. We created our own board game with algebra equations. We will be continuing algebra next week. 

Some other things that we have gotten up to this week is finding out what we are doing for our P7 show and  reading the script of it. Another thing we have done is topic, for our ww2 topic we made a timeline of some things that happened in the war. E.g. when the blitz began, when the battle of France began, the dam buster raid and more. 

Home learning options: 

  • Something to do in home learning is to practise your algebra and times table skills 
  • Another thing is to memorise your audition lines for the P7 show  
  • Lastly you could play on a Sumdog or maths frame 

Week beginning 20.4.21

What a fantastic first week back! It has been lovely seeing everyone back in school and excited for our last term together 🙂 We have been working hard to develop our teamwork, communication, resilience, co-operation and creative problem solving skills.

Thank you to everyone who has made an appointment with me for parents evening (or day this time round) – if the times available on Monday don’t suit you, please get in touch via the school office and I am happy to arrange an alternative time on another day. I am looking forward to meeting you all, even if only virtually!

Miss Collyns 🙂


Week beginning 29.3.21

Thank you for all your hard work this term P7, both at home and back at school. Have a lovely, relaxing holiday 🙂

Miss Collyns


In literacy we wrote a myth about defeating a mythical monster. It had to include setting, quest, hero, dilemma, beast and ending. We read the fifth chapter of Coraline and answered comprehension questions.

We did spelling. Our spelling pattern was how to plural words that end in f, ff or fe. If it ends in one f or fe then you change it to ves. It was our last week of our literature circle books.


In maths we did problem solving with our learning partners. We practiced our money skills like budgeting, calculating discounts, profit and loss, and 4 operations. We did an assessment on money.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE we did circuits. We learnt about equality, diversity, racism and discrimination. We thought about how we can make Buckstone as inclusive to everyone as possible.


We learnt about Holi which is the festival of colour and we made Holi art.


We learnt about Propaganda that was used in WW2 and created our own propaganda posters.

Home Learning

We could type up our myths (some of us took them home to finish)

We could research more about WW2

We could practice our times tables