Template to Create Picasa Slideshow

Open Picasa then select images.

Click on Create in the top screen menu.

Choose video or you can click the Create Video Presentation icon which looks like a film strip.

(You can edit

  • transition style between pictures
  • time pictures displayed
  • size of the pictures – default – 640×480, making it smaller 320 x 240 will help crate a smaller file and so decrease time to upload etc)

When you are happy with the content click Create Video.

To insert into your Post you need to start a New Post then click Add Media in the top screen menu.

Click Upload Files then Select Files and search for the slideshow.

The slideshow will be saved into your My Pictures folder.  You can locate it in this folder filed under Picasa then Videos.

Once uploaded it will be added to the Media Library and show a blue tick in the top right corner of the icon.  You can then select Insert into Post on the bottom right of the screen e.g.

This video doesn’t exist

640 x 480 Video display

Click Update (blue publishing button on right screen menu).

You can change the size of the displayed slideshow once you have loaded it without needing to create a new export from Picasa. Add ‘w=???’ eg w=320 before the ] bracket

Videos appear to automatically justify to the centre of the post.

This video doesn’t exist

320 x 240 Video display