P5M – What we have been learning this week 18.09.20

Happy Friday! We have had a great week and have lots to tell you about.  


For literacy this week we have been developing our descriptive writing skills further. We began with looking at the importance of using a variety of ‘openers’ in our sentences (such as; once upon a time, one dark and stormy night and on a gloomy morning). We enjoyed creating lots of different sentences using these different openers.

To help us practise using different openers along with all the other writing skills we have been learning, we created out own sweetie or chocolate rooms for Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The rooms had many features such as; chocolate hot tubs, candy cane bridges and chocolate waterfalls. P5M loved creating these rooms, writing a descriptive paragraph setting the scene and then reading these out to the class.

P5M previously loved going outside for spelling practise, therefore we done this again. We used any natural resources we could find to spell our weekly words. We also incorporated our spelling words into our P.E lesson, where every letter had a different exercise and we performed these while spelling out our words.

In reading we discussed what summarising is and will continue this further next week. We were also developing our comprehension skills by reading a passage about global warming and answering a range of questions about it.

Things to do at home –

See the progress record for this week’s reading pages. Try summarising the main events of what you read to someone at home

Keep and eye out for different openers in any reading you do. Take a note of any exciting or interesting ones to help you with your writing in class – this can be personal, or the reading book given

Please see spelling document posted on Monday

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning about 3D objects. We were looking at the properties of different shapes in P.E to help us (edges, surfaces/faces and corners).

Following on from previous week’s work on understanding the value of digits in numbers up to 10,000, we looked at what ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ mean. We used our number columns to help us with this (thousands, hundreds, tens and units). We also used our rounding skills to help us estimate addition and subtraction calculations. We discussed the importance of being able to estimate. P5M were really challenged this week in maths with their extension tasks. They had to work trough various work problems with a partner, using all the skills we have been working on, to work out each step of the problems. For mental maths we also had to calculate the answers to various word problems.

Things to do at home –


Try to describe different shapes you see in the environment

Practise estimating the value of different things around the house, and then check how accurate you were. You could even add addition and subtraction in (for example, estimate the number of spoons, the forks and add these values together).

Other curricular areas

  • We continued with our ‘Free the Forest’ topic this week. We finished our global warming fact files from last week and wee peer assessed these, looking at what we loved and what we could do to make them even better. We also began looking at the rainforest, comparing their climate to ours and discussing the effects global warming is having on this.  
  • In French we reminded ourselves of the numbers 1-20. We loved singing and dancing to a song about the numbers and playing bingo.
  • P5M started our art topic this week, looking at the famous artist, Henri Rousseau. We looked at several of his famous painting, discussing the forest theme, colours and techniques he uses. We also practised our sketching skills based on plants and trees as this is a key feature in Henri Rousseau’s art work.
  • We started learning how to create a powerpoint and how to add in new slides, change the design and insert pictures.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine and the bank holiday weekend!

Miss Mangan