P2W Wonderful Wolves Friday update

This week in P2W…

This week has been ‘Health Week’ at Buckstone Primary and we enjoyed coming to school in our sports clothes!

As part of ‘Health Week’ we have been learning about the different parts of our body and what they are called. We also were learning about a healthy diet and what foods we should eat lots of and ones we should only have every so often! We worked together as a group to practice our teamwork skills.

We also got to go down to the waterboard field this week to take part in some action packed P.E with Mr Segall.

We also discussed our physical and mental health and were learning about how to look after our physical and mental health. We had some classroom Yoga and mindfulness colouring activities to help us.

Literacy – In literacy this week we have continued our learning of the soft ‘c’ sound, creating sentences using words with a soft ‘c’ sound. We have also been working really hard on this week’s book reviews.

In numeracy and mathematics this week we have continued our learning of place value in numbers and have been practicing partitioning numbers into tens and units to help us with addition and subtraction.

Other learning:

This week we had outdoor loose parts play and our creativity ran wild! We got a little mucky but had some really imaginative play!

ICYMI: Our performance of true colours is now live on the Buckstone YouTube channel. You will have received an email with a link.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Ms Russell