P6NM Our Learning this week 10.5.21


  • In spelling we revised words that use ‘ph’ to make an ‘f’ sound such as metaphor and prophet. Please see below for our spelling lists.


triumph, hyphen, photograph, physical, metaphor, telephone, atmosphere, prophet, autograph, pharmacy, sphere, saxophone


triumphant, hyphenate, photography, physically, metaphorical, telephony, atmospheric, prophecy, autographed, pharmacist, spherical, saxophonist


draught draft

  • In writing we created fact files linked to our health week learning. Our fact files were about why different groups of people eat or avoid certain foods and why. This included religion, age and allergies. 
  • We worked on a reading comprehension based on plastic pollution following on from Earth week.
  • We met our literature circle group. We have been referring to the literature circle rubric – see below – to help us to asses our contributions to our group discussions. We have made great progress this year and are hoping to achieve a 3 or 4 by the end of P6.
  • Please note, our reading homework is due for Wednesday 19th next week.


Other Areas of the Curriculum

  • In PE we enjoyed our sports day down at the Waterboard field despite the wet weather!
  • In our living and growing topic we learned the proper names for male and female external body parts.
  • Games @ the hub: we made a logo and a motto for Edinburgh 2021 Games @ the hub which our class has been nominated for Hockey.