P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 4th June 2021

It has been a difficult week for everyone, and we really appreciate how resilient our lovely learner have been – adapting to the changes in routine each day. We hope that everyone at home is safe and well..



Our new sounds this week have been the blends sk, rd and ft found at the end of words and our new tricky words find and kind. We made birds and masks, and enjoyed lots of craft to remind us of our final consonant blends.

You can find the home learning sheet below. Please continue to work at home to consolidate the learning of the new sounds and using them to build and write words.


We wrote about the vegatables that came to join Potato’s party.



Thank you for your continued support with reading at home. We have not sent reading books home this week because of the number of absentees. We have been working with books in class, reading to, and discussing with our peers

We continue to work in school on developing our reading skills. As well as reading the words and learning new vocabulary we predict, discuss and comprehend. We hope you enjoy sharing the books with your children at the weekend. If you feel perhaps that they have memorised the book ( which is part of the learning process) then you could ask them to read the book backwards, starting with the last word. Of course this makes no sense , but the children do find it funny and it helps the adults to see if the child can read the words with little context. We use this technique in class so the children are familiar with the idea.

Please note that we cannot send reading books home on Thursday unless your child has their purple folder with them, and we would respectfully request that the children do not carry their water bottles in the purple bags – we have already had one soggy reading book!


This week we have been focusing on using a range of strategies to help us subtract. We can use fingers, concrete materials and the counting back strategy.

e.g. – 16 – 9 = ?

Hold up the number of fingers we need to subtract ( 9)

Say the big number and keep it in our head.

Now count back, keeping track of the number of jumps with our finger

15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,

The answer is 7

Other areas of the curriculum

One of our butterflies has hatched. Unfortunately he has a slightly damaged wing, but seems happy feeding from an old banana.

We have been learning about different types of food and whether they come from a plant or an animal. We discussed that some foods have lots of different ingredients so might come from both a plant and an animal – for example, a pizza.

We enjoyed watching the Imaginate Festival production of Potato Needs a Bath. We prepared for the party by making party hats for a fruit or a vegetable.

.Our vegetables joined in the party too.

We sang some songs outside, developing our skills of keeping a steady beat and understanding of pitch. We are also learning to have confidence to explore our singing voices in a group and alone.

Here are some photographs of us enjoying our independent learning opportunities this week. It has been so nice to be able to have the doors wide open and take our learning outside too.

Please ask us what we were doing.

Things to try at home

Help an adult bake some bread.

Look in the kitchen and find some food. Identify whether it comes from an animal, a plant, or maybe a bit of both. You could make lists of what you found.

Do you have any edible food plants growing in your garden ? Discuss this with an adult. Remember, NEVER eat any plant or berry without an adult’s permission.

Practise knowing the order of the days of the week – focusing on the day BEFORE

Play this hit the button game Choose addition or subtraction up to 10. Try up to 20 for a challenge.

Count backwards from 30 to 10 ( or 100 – 30)

Write all your numbers from 1-9. Are they all the right way round? If not, can you practise them.

Practise spelling all the tricky words so far – how many can you write from memory ?

Be Geraldine……. ” Off she went around the house to find something ENDing with ft/rd/sk etc ” How many things can you find? You could make a list of all the things you find.

Practise your letter formation – are there any letters you find tricky to write ?

Learn to spell and write your surname.