Buckstone Primary School, P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 7.10.22

Good afternoon, P1B! It was lovely to see you for the Parent Consultations this week. We are still missing a few Learning Story folders – please return them on Monday.


This week, we introduced the m and r sounds.  We made monkey puppets and masks, then we took our learning outside where we heard the story of the monster who just wanted kindness! We used natural materials to make clay monsters. We have been cutting, colouring and using watercolour paint to make rabbits, rockets and rainbows. At the teaching table, we have been practising our blending and building with the letter boards. For blending, try saying all the sounds in the word in one breath! This can help them to flow together more. There are videos below for practising letter formation. For writing this week, our prompt was “I was shocked when…”. I’m sure you will have seen in your child’s writing jotter how imaginative their responses were!

blending and building with our letter boards
I was shocked when…
cutting skills


We continued with our work on SEAL Chapter 5 this week, focussing on skills such as showing 1-5 on fingers without looking, counting a collection of counters forwards and backwards and we have introduced numeral tracks. Knowing “what comes after 12?” and “what comes before 13?” is still tricky, so any repetition of this at home would be great.

Health and Wellbeing

We all did a fantastic job at PE this week. We introduced passing a baton during our relay races and everyone did really well at controlling their pace on the way back for a smooth transition. 

On Thursday with Mrs Conlin, we continued with Looking on the Bright Side and thought about what we are grateful for. The Bright Sparks had some lovely answers: mummy, daddy, my brother, my sister, cousins, Octonauts, food, bed, my family, my dog, rainbows, toys, cats, love and friends.

We had a movement break dance party after our wet break today!

Other Areas

Lots of impressive STEM work with the big bricks this week!, amongst other activities.

looking back on some of our learning so far!
A musical instrument that was made in the area!
building a fire house – we left a gap so that the fire engines could get in and out

General information:

We will have Outdoor Loose Parts (messy play) on Friday – a lovely way to finish off the half-term! Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for this.

We will have our PE days next week as normal (Monday and Thursday).

I am looking for some additional furniture and items for our classroom. If anybody has any small tables (IKEA LACK size), small chairs or rugs that are unwanted we would really appreciate any donations! 

Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal