P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

P2MN Blog 07.10.22

Dear Parents/ Carers,  

This week in P2 we have been learning: 


In literacy we have learned two new vowel diagraphs oa (as in goat, moat, boat) and ow (as in blow, snow and row). They both make the same sound.  We talked about the fact that oa is usually found in the middle of words and ow at the end.

In writing we have continued to learn how to write instructions.  

In handwriting we have been working on how to form the letter s in cursive script. 

At home 

  • Yesterday your child took home her/his reading book. We have been reading the book at school during the week therefore your child should be able to read the book without support (they might need support with some words). This is a showcase of their learning at school. 
  • Your child should also have a word wall related to the stage they are reading. They should become confident in reading these words. 
  • Handwriting, children could continue to practise writing their first and surname in cursive script. 
  • Continue to practise reading and spelling the tricky words. 
  • Here is a fun game to practise at home. Select ow and oa to reinforce this week’s phonics focus. 

    Forest Phonics – mobile friendly (ictgames.com) 


    In Maths we have continued our unit of work on information handling. We have learned to make simple bar graphs. 

    We have continued to work on our numeracy skills through our SEAL programme.

    The main focus has been on number structures (using a ten frame) and learning about all of the different ways that the same number can be represented.  

    At home 

    This is a fun game to reinforce the work we have done on information handling. 

    Fishing Pictograph Game | 2nd Grade Math Games | Toy Theate

    We have used this game to explore ten frames. 


    Here is an interesting link which demonstrates how the numbers 9 and 10 can be represented. 

    Representing 9 and 10 – Maths – Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize 

    You could extend this at home by exploring different numbers and how they can be represented.  

    Other areas  

    In PE we have worked on working as a team (outdoors) and ball skills (indoors): hand and feet skills.  

    IDL We have continued to work on our topic Polly Jean Pyjama Queen and our focus has been learning about habitats.  

    Other information  
  • Please ensure your child brings a jacket every day to school.  
  • Thank you for your support in emptying the purple folders each day.   
  • A reminder to name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.  
  • We would appreciate donations of any unwanted empty or partially used notebooks or diaries (used pages can be removed). Also, any enticing writing implements (i.e., glittery pencils/gel pens/ pencils with feathers etc – anything other than standard school issue type pencils/pens). The children enjoy choosing resources from the table to use in their independent learning.  
  • We are looking for small pieces of ‘junk’ for modelling e.g., toothpaste boxes, tea bag boxes, snack bar boxes. The more interesting shapes the better!  


    Have a wonderful weekend!