Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

Primary One Masterminds- Reflective Friday 14.10.22

Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:


This week we have been learning to recognise and describe 2D shapes and 3D objects. We built shapes using lolly sticks and made pictures using different shapes. We looked for 3D objects in the classroom and talked about cube, cylinder, sphere, cuboid, and  pyramid. We investigated whether these 3D objects could stack or roll.

Here is a sample of our learning:


This week we introduced the sounds e and h. We thought of words beginning with those sounds and learned songs and actions to help us remember them. In small groups we used magnetic letters to try to blend sounds together to read and build words.

We introduced two tricky words – I and the. These are words that cannot be sounded out.


We discussed when we need to change our shoes and the different reasons for this.

We drew pictures of us changing our shoes and shared our stories in our group.

We practised diagonal lines in handwriting.


Please use the blue letter cards you have collected so far to practise blending and building words. Practise writing the tricky words from memory and read them using a ‘look and say’ approach.

Some examples of our learning:


In our outdoor PE time, we were developing our jumping skills. We played a jogging, walking,  skipping game to warm up and went to the correct shape drawn on the ground when the whistle blew. We practised running at different speeds, jumping high, jumping two feet to two feet, one foot to two feet and one foot to one foot. In the hall we worked in a group to make different shapes with our bodies and raced against each other in team games.


We went for a walk in the wooded part of our playground and looked at how the leaves had changed since September.

We made pictures using natural materials.


We had a walk around our school to find out where the classes from P4 to P7 are. We saw the library and the office.


We listened to the story of Rosa Parks and discussed her bravery and the work she did to ensure all people were treated fairly.

We hope everyone has a lovely October break.