Buckstone Primary School, P1 Master Minds - Mrs Bailey & Mrs Munro

P1 Masterminds 18.11.22 Reflective Friday

Hello everyone, this is what we have been learning this week:


In our groups we have been learning to identify numbers as dot patterns, count a number of movements or sounds, saying the number word before and after a number, counting items in two rows.

We practised forming the number 5.


This week we introduced the sounds u and b. We thought of words beginning with those sounds and learned songs and actions to help us remember them. In small groups we used magnetic letters to try to blend sounds together to read and build words.

Our two new tricky words are his and put.


We have enjoyed – ‘stop, drop and read’ this week. We listened to the stories from the Bookbug bag, and we hope that you enjoy sharing the books at home.

Please use the blue letter cards you have collected so far to practise blending and building words. Please help your child to read and write the tricky words.


Today your child will bring home a line or two lines stapled to their sound sheet. We would like them to say these words in our Nativity. Can you please practise these words with your child so that they are able to say them loudly and clearly. If your child is experiencing difficulty with this or has decided they no longer wish to say anything, please let one of us know.

We will be in touch soon with requests for help with providing costumes.


We are learning to throw and catch a ball. We revised the previous skills we had learned and then practised a two step activity where we ran to a cone, threw, and caught the ball 5 times, ran to another cone and then threw an item into a hoop.


We learned about staying safe when we are out and about at the Magic Roadshow.


We were very lucky with the weather on Wednesday and enjoyed playing outside with our friends across the stage.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the WordPress site, so we are unable to include any photographs this week. We have been busy learning though.


If anyone has any spare pants(boys and girls), socks and tights,  could you please donate them to our class box- thank you very much in advance.

Mrs Munro will be teaching the class for the next four Mondays and will continue to teach on her normal days. Mrs Bailey will continue to teach P1M on Tuesdays.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.