P1 Bright Sparks - Miss Croal

P1B Reflective Friday 18.11.22

Good afternoon! 


This week, we learned the b and u sounds. We practised recognising the difference between b and d using the word ‘bed’ and dabbing only the b bubbles! We also had fun popping lots of bubblewrap! We also learned two new tricky words: put and his. In general, with our tricky words, we can sound out the first sound to help us remember what the word is (apart from ‘the’!).

 For writing, our prompt was “I had a big…”. We all had a go at hearing the sounds and writing the prompt, and there were some great drawings of giants, dinosaurs and cakes. For Scottish Book Week, we talked about our favourite books and when we like to read.


This week, we continued work on our number bonds to 10 and how to use a number line. We practised our number formation for numerals 0-9. Backwards 3s and 7s were the most common slip that we will work on. We also had a refresher on 3D shapes, with cylinder and cuboid being the trickiest to remember.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE this week, we worked on throwing and catching, before playing a P1B favourite – Clear the Playground. We also looked at People Who Help Look After Us as part of our RSHP learning. We talked about the police, family, nurses, refuse collectors and many more. For Anti-Bullying week, we read a story with Mrs Conlin about being kind and talked about what bullying is.

Other Areas

We have been learning Away in a Manger with the signalong signs as part of our Nativity preparations, as well as our 4 other songs! Your child has their line to learn in their purple folder. Next week, we will start putting it all together. Thank you also to those who have brought in something from their family’s country. 

Apologies for no photos this week, we are having technical issues with the blog.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Croal