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P1W reflective Friday 18.11.22

Independent learning

The children have been developing a wide range of skills through independent learning opportunities in class.

Unfortunately, due to an issue with the WordPress site, we are unable to upload any photographs of our learning this week, but please be assured we have been just as busy learning as usual.


This week we have introduced the letter sounds b and u as well as the ‘tricky’ words put and his.

Tricky words are words which we cannot sound out phonetically so we need to learn them by heart. We would like the children to learn to write these words from memory as well as being able to recognise and read them by sight. Use the” Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check” strategy ( this should be self explanatory, but if you have any questions about this approach, please ask)

Our writing/storytelling prompt this week was our friends and our learning.

Numeracy and Maths

We have continued to revise and try to learn the number bonds for 10.Please help your child to learn these number facts with instant recall. You can use questions such as

  • What goes with 2 to make 10 ?
  • What is the partner number for 6 to make 10 ?
  • Tell me a pair of numbers which add up to 10

You make wish to let your child play this game to reinforce their learning. ( adult choose the number bonds button, then select the ‘make 10’ option.

We have also started to discuss pattern, ready for a focus next week on pattern and symmetry.

Our Core numeracy skills this week were

  • writing the numerals 6 – 10 ( and beyond) correctly
  • counting backwards from 10 (or 20 for some pupils).
  • naming the next number in an isolated short backwards number sequence. ie. I say, 10, 9, 8 (they say 7)
  • establishing a collection (give me 9 counters/raisins/etc)
  • counting a collecting with accurate 1-1 correspondence
  • recognising numerals
  • sequencing a short selection of numerals ( e.g. 5,6,7,8)
  • making instant finger patterns (show me 6 fingers without counting them)
  • recognising dice patterns and clapping the amount of dots on the dice

Our challenge numeracy skills were.

  • adding two collections with the second one screened ( e.g. here are 8 counters, there are 5 more hiding under this pot, how many altogether?)
  • sequencing numerals within the range 0-100
  • naming the number after a given number (0-30)
  • counting backwards from 30, starting and stopping at different points
  • investigating which equal groups can be made from a given number ( e.g. can I make 2 equal groups/3 equal groups/4 equal groups/5 equal groups from 12 counters? What about if I have 16 counters, or 18 etc)

Looking ahead to next week.

Lots of Nativity practice next week – please make sure you know your line!

Other areas of the curriculum

We have continued to find our about the story of the Nativity and have been practising some songs to help us tell the story.

We had further discussion about people who help us and found out about the roles of a police officer and someone who works on a train serving snacks.

Another very successful loose parts activity session with lots of scientific investigations.

In music we sang songs and played games designed to develop skills of keeping a steady beat. We also explored using our voices in different ways.

In PE we have been focusing on working in teams, sharing resources and following a circuit of activities.

We enjoyed a road safety magic show on Monday. Stop, look, listen and think.

It has been Scottish Book week. The children will today bring home a bag of resources from the Scottish Book trust.

This week’s homework and other information

  • Learn your nativity line off by heart . Speak slowly, clearly and loud!
  • Learn to read and write this week’s tricky words.
  • Use the blue letter cards to practice building and blending words

A reminder to please name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.