P2 Magical Nurses Mrs McFarlane and Mrs Nicholson

03.03.23 P2M Blog

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope you are well.

Although this week has been a short week at school, we have been very busy learning and we have started to prepare our P2 show.

Please, if you haven’t done so, check your child’s purple folder today. If they have asked for a speaking part in our forthcoming show, then they were given their lines to take home on Monday. Please could you help them to practise their lines at home. We will have rehearsals in school, but we want them to feel as confident as possible.


We have continued to work on compound words. Our main focus has been on tricky words. We have been working on reading and writing different blocks. Please continue to work on these at home.

Our tricky words from block 6 this week are: won’t, don’t and both.

In writing we created a new flow chart about lunch. We are learning how to write a basic flowchart.

Ideas to do at home

Please practice your tricky words (reading and spelling).

Ask your child to read their reading book from this week. Ask your child questions about the book.

Compound words hunt: Do a hunt around the house or/and outdoors and create a list with them. You can use two colours to point out which two words make the compound words. Count the syllables. The children loved this video:


We have continued to work on our number skills counting forwards and backwards, number before and number after a given number. We have continued to work on subtraction (from 10, 20 and beyond for some).

Ideas to do at home.

Here is a video to help with subtraction






Remember you also have a sum dog account. We have set a 2D shape challenge and an addition and subtraction challenge for you to try.

It is very important that when practicing addition and subtraction at home your children use different ideas. A good mathematician always uses scrap paper to work out their findings!

Please find attached different ideas to work on numeracy skills  (counting, adding, ordering, arrays, etc.)

Other areas

PE focus on games.

As mentioned above we have started to prepare our assembly about Katie Morag and Scotland.

World Book Day. We had the opportunity of reading our own favourite books at school.  We also enjoyed a World Book Day quiz! Your child can bring their own book to school anytime for BEAR time.


  • Loose parts on Wednesday 8th March.
  • Please see separate email about the show dates and costumes.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs McFarlane