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P1W reflective Friday 3.3.23

Many thanks for the donations of shoes for our shoe shop. Please let me know if you are happy for the shoes to be kept as a resource in school for future occasions or whether you would like to have them returned to you.

We are grateful for your continued donations of small, clean items of recycling for our STEM area.

Please also see a request in the homelink for help sourcing some materials for our outdoor loose parts provision.

Many thanks

Independent learning

The children have been developing a wide range of skills through independent learning opportunities in class and outdoors..


This week we have introduced the vowel digraph ch as well as revising and assessing the writing/spelling of all our block one ‘tricky’ words .

We enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our friends and buddies on World Book Day.

We continue to use core reading book resources in school as we begin to develop developing the children’s reading comprehension skills, exploring the cognitive strategies of activating, inferring, monitoring/clarifying, questioning, searching/selecting, summarizing, and visualising.

Numeracy and Maths

I am developing my awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins.
MNU 0-09a

We have started a block of learning about money. We have been handling real coins and looking closely at the designs on them. We noticed that not all coins have a number on them and that we need to learn to identify the value of the coin by size, shape and colour alone.

You may choose to play this game at home to reinforce our learning in school.

Children don’t have the same exposure to loose change as they used to as we seem to be heading towards a cashless society, but if at all possible, create a coin collection for your child to explore and handle.


Looking ahead to next week

Please return reading books on Monday.

Monday’s PE session will be gymnastics, and Thursday’s is games/fitness so please remember to dress appropriately.

Loose parts learning on Wednesday.

Other areas of the curriculum

In PE we explored different ways to land and stay balanced as we jumped from a bench to a mat. We landed with feet together, feet apart and we tried landing on one foot – that was tricky

A reminder to please name all items of clothing and shoes, and to check names on items brought home in case your child accidentally acquires a jumper belonging to someone else.